Tips to Be a Winner at Blackjack

Blackjack is a game testing your skill at managing your cards. Therefore, a thorough knowledge of the game rules can help you combine skill and efficiency to win at your free blackjack game.

(1) In Blackjack, always split pairs of Aces and 8s but never split pairs of Tens, Jacks, Queens, or Kings.

(2) Stand on a total of 17 or more but hit at a total of 11 or less than that.

(3) Never emulate the internet gambling game play of the dealer, as dealer has to hit at 16 and stand on 17. Your game play and that of the dealer are on different planes and therefore, never follow the game play of the dealer. If both dealer and player busts, dealer wins.

(4) Play a cool game and do not panic. Keeping a check on your emotions can go a long way in ensuring a win for your Blackjack games. This online casino gambling of chance delivers losses more than seventy percent of the time. Therefore, play the game with intention of having a good time rather than always aiming for a win at the game.

(5) You have to evaluate your performance at the game of blackjack in the long-term. Short-term gains do not carry much relevance for regular blackjack players. While at the game play with full concentration and do not give in to any distractions.

(6) Never drink while playing Blackjack and never have a drink before start of the game.

(7) Always set a specific bankroll for game play at the Blackjack table. Do not go overboard and play beyond the limit of your bankroll. Besides, the amount of bankroll should be after setting aside money for all essentials.

(8) Loss and win are but two sides of a coin. Therefore, do not exult after a win and despair after a loss. Similarly, do not follow any betting systems.

(9) Bet higher amounts if on a winning spree and lower your bets if on a losing spree. Quit the game while the going is good and do not give in to greed in anticipation of more and more wins. If you are having continuous losses, do not continue the game. Quit to avoid further losses. Do not try to get back all losses through a single big win.

(10) Withdraw half of your winnings if you have a huge win. Do not invest all your winnings into your bankroll. This will ensure you take back a considerable amount of your winnings home.

(11) Avoid insurance if you do not indulge in counting cards in your blackjack game. Many casinos do not allow the insurance option too.

(12) Try to play games with lesser number of card decks. This ensures easier betting options as you play with fewer cards in hand.

(13) Surrender option is available at few casinos. Surrender can be early or late surrender. Early surrender means surrendering before dealer checks for a blackjack. Late surrender means after dealer checks for blackjack. Most players opt for early surrender as the expected win rate increases by 0.7%. Late surrender offers only an increase of 0.6%. Therefore, if you have to surrender opt for early surrender.

You can play winning games by adhering to basic strategies and rules of the game. However, play your game with reasonable skill and a cool bent of mind.

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