Play Virtual Casino Blackjack

As a beginner, you must place small bets and be aware of when to stand against the dealer’s ten. Be wary of casino’s that use multiple decks as the game gets loaded in their favor and against you. If you feel the casino encourages unethical means, leave it and play at another better online gambling casino.

There is no best seating arrangement in an online casino to keep track of the cards, since you play alone against the machine. A simple counting strategy assigns a negative four value before the card distribution. You assign a negative two for ten, king, queen and jack and a positive one for all other cards. Depending on the count, bet small amounts for a negative value and higher amounts for positive values. Stick to the basic strategy and take insurance only on a positive count. You can try out other counting systems in your practice sessions to determine the best one at predicting correct outcomes. Once you test the best system in a real free blackjack game, you can spot the weaknesses and correct it in future online games.

If you play multi-action blackjack, the basic strategy remains unchanged. You can place three bets on the dealer’s exposed card, but have three chances to draw cards. You can even place over and under bets in blackjack. In this if, the sum of the player’s cards is more than fourteen the player wins. In between thirteen bets, the player wins, if the sum of his cards is less than or equal to twelve. He will neither win nor lose if the sum is thirteen. This particular bet is a side bet whose amount cannot exceed that of the main bet. However, avoid these bets, as the house advantage is greater for these bets.

The card counting strategy for over and under bets gives a value of plus one for Ace, two, three and four and a negative one for tens, king, queen and jack. You are likely to win if your count is – greater than or equal to a positive two, less than or equal to a negative four. For a positive three-count bet on over thirteen and under thirteen bets for a negative four value. If you are lucky, you can strike it rich with these side bets.

Counting cards is the only way to beat the online casino gambling since every removed card increases your chance of winning. Blackjack is one game where you can beat the casino. So stay alert and totally focused during a game of blackjack to win a good amount of money. As you play regularly, you can learn to calculate the probabilities and expectation of return cards. This can help you fine-tune your playing strategy. You must have a proper card-counting plan in place along with mastering the basic strategy and managing your money wisely. Mastering these three things can help you win at virtual blackjack.

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