How to Be a Winner at Blackjack

Blackjack is a simple free UK casino card game. The game rules differ from casino to casino. A normal blackjack game has seven players and a dealer. There is a betting square in front of every player. You place your money outside the betting area and exchange it for game chips. Dealer has a chip tray in front and the shoe is on the left side. Players deposit all casino chips according to bets into the money drop slot.

The game of free blackjack game starts with dealer shuffling cards and player cuts deck with a marker card. Thereafter dealer burns card to ensure total randomness of the cards in the deck. Place your bet in the betting square before dealer deals cards.

After placing of all bets dealer deals two cards to each UK gambling player starting from left to right. Some deal cards face down while some deal them face up. Never touch your face up cards as it amounts to cheating. Dealer deals one face up and one face down card for himself.

Card Values

Card Values in the game of Blackjack are face values for cards from 2 to 9, ten for tens, and other face cards like King, Queen, and Jack. Ace can be 1 or 11 according to whichever value benefit the player.


Hit means to ask for another card. You can flick the face down dealt cards gently across the felt twice. You should point at your cards with your finger in a jabbing style if you receive face up cards. In noisy casinos, you have to indicate through your hand movements to indicate a hit.


Horizontal movement of hand or palm from left to right indicates a no. This means you will skip a round of play. You can indicate ‘stand’ with horizontal movement of your head too. However, keep your hand away from the table to avoid any suspicion of any sort.


Few casinos allow doubling on a two-card hand. You can double on card totals with nine, ten, and eleven. You can indicate double by pointing to your face down cards and saying ‘double’. You then have to place equal number of chips for an additional amount of same bet.


Point at your cards and say ‘split’. You have to place an equal amount of chips for the new split hand. You therefore have two hands for play.

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