Craps Odds Bet

After you roll a point and before you seven out, there can be many different kinds of bets. All of these bets with exception of two bets have a high house advantage. The two exceptional bets are come bets and odds on a line bet.

After establishing a point on the come out, you can still place bets against seven as the outcome of the next roll. Therefore, you can place an additional amount up to the amount of your line bet. This is odds bet. Some casinos also allow you to make bets equivalent to twice, thrice, or even many more times the amount of your line bet. Your payout from this bet equal to the odds of that specific point number appearing before a seven.

Casinos do not favor placing of such internet gambling odds bet. Therefore, there are no indicators on the craps table to indicate your odds bet. There are six ways of rolling a seven and five ways of rolling a 6 or 8. Therefore, odds of a 6 or 8 appearing before a 7 is 6 to 5. Therefore, your payouts if your point number is a 6 or 8 are 6 to 5. Therefore, for a $10 bet, you win $12. Similarly, odds for a 5 or 9 as the outcome before a 7 is 3 to 2. Therefore, your payout is $15 for every $10 bet. Again, odds for a 4 or 10 as the outcome before a seven are 2 to 1. Therefore, your payout is $20 for every $10 you bet.

You can place your odds bet at any time after rolling the come out point. You can make, withdraw, or replace the odds bet at any time after the come out and before rolling of a seven. However, as soon as you win the odds bet, you have to take off your chips from the online gambling craps game table. Otherwise, the bet become automatically off unless you make your request to the dealer personally. Practically, it is difficult for the dealer to hear your request and therefore, you lose your gains from the odds bet.

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