Casinos in Morocco

Morocco is an African country with legalized casino gambling. There are three cities in the country that have online gambling facilities: Agadir, Marrakesh and Tanger. There are one or more casinos in each of these three cities. The largest casino in the country is located in Marrakesh and is called Le Grand Casino la Mamounia. This casino has over three hundred slot and video gaming machine and more than twenty table games including eight tables of American Roulette.

Three tables of baccarat, eight tables of blackjack and one table of craps. They also offer mini punto banco and poker. This is the largest, but not the only casino in Marrakesh. Le Casino de Marrakech is located within the Hotel es Saadi. It is smaller than Le Grand Casino la Mamounia since it only offers eighty slot machine and the table games of American Roulette, blackjack, punto banco and stud poker. Its hours of operation are from 5 pm to 4 am.

The city of Tanger lists one casino, the Movenpick Hotel and Casino, which has two hundred slots, and table games consisting of thirteen tables of blackjack, thirteen tables of Caribbean Stud Poker, one table of poker, one table of punto banco and thirteen tables of roulette. The hours of operation vary depending on the day. Finally, there are three casino listed in Agadir: the Casino Le Mirage, Shem’s Casino d’Agadir and the Sheraton Agadir all of which offer online slot game play and the table games of roulette, blackjack and poker.

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